Welcome to LIORA beauty chocolate - where the quest for beauty has never been so delicious

About our organically enriched chocolate...
Based in the UK, we offer you a range of artisanal, organic chocolates, therapeutically attuned to benefit a variety of ages and skin types, designed to enhance your overall health and beauty.
Our base blend is 54% dark chocolate – a mixture of two blends from Venezuela and Ghana, flavoured with 100% natural vanilla from Madagascar. Finally, by adding some of the most distinctive and beautifying organic essential oils in the world, we believe we’ve curated a range which will improve your health and wellbeing, all of which you can buy online today.

About the name…

LIORA pronounced ‘lee-OR-ah’ is a Hebrew girl’s name meaning ‘God’s gift of light to me’ as if in juxtaposition to our dark chocolate products.  We look forward to accompanying you on your path to beauty enlightenment.

Our secret…

Beauty and chocolate have not necessarily been associated, but we want to change that.

Our refined selection of essential oils, added to our signature base blend of rich, dark chocolate, creates a range of delightful and exceptionally therapeutic combinations. We are confident that choosing LIORA beauty chocolate will not only make you feel better and healthier, but look more youthful and more beautiful too. You can buy from us online today.

Science is now revealing the extraordinary health-giving properties of dark chocolate since we believed we could improve on those benefits we have developed an exciting new range of therapeutic dark chocolate all available to buy online from our home in the UK. Blending Liora with carefully selected organic natural oils (all certified by the Soil Association in the UK) packed with phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids – oils that appear to be particularly beneficial to both body and mind.

So take a look at our complete online beauty chocolates range now and begin your journey to beauty and wellbeing.

View the complete beauty chocolates range now and begin your journey to beauty enlightenment

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